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costa rica diversity parade 2018

My husband and I are Gay Ex-Pats living in Costa Rica and originally were from Florida, USA.  We moved here in September 2015 and attended our first “Pride Parade” in 2017.  Here in Costa Rica they call it the “Diversity Parade”.  It was amazing day to say the least.  I ended up helping to lead the Parade through downtown San Jose.  Granted my Spanish is terrible, a local friend speaks some english so was able to translate for me.

I was asked to make a short video to reach out to the LGBTI community here in Costa Rica.  That’s when the idea of Gay ExPats came about.  It’s a challenge sometimes to connect with other LGBTI people, especially when you are not in a big metropolitan area.  Yes there are other websites out there for the LGBTI community.  This one is specifically for Gay ExPats to connect and socialize and help each other out in a safe place.

This is YOUR social networking site.  We will not tolerate any bashing or harassment of any kind on this website.  Everyone is welcome to join us for FREE!!  Share any type of event that you want to invite others to.  Connect with others and make some amazing friends.

If there is a feature you want to see on this website, please let me know.  This website is designed similar to other social networking websites that you may be familiar with.

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