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Why do I only see a Login or Registration link?

We value the privacy of our members and as such you must first be registered and a member of the community to see other features.

Why use this website instead of other expat websites?

I have been a member of other ExPat websites and forums on other social media websites.  Even though they say harassment or hatred won’t be tolerated it does happen.  Some of the expat communities are very small and as such we will not tolerate any harassment online.  We don’t want the harassment to continue out into the community.

I’ve seen posts of “Where can I find other LGBTI people?”  With some awfully rude comments.  So when talking to other Gay ExPats they say they stay away from traditional ExPat forums and websites.

Is my identity and information safe?

YES!!  The only thing that we require for you to display on a profile is your username of course.  You can share as much information as you want to share.

You say I can share only what I want, yet I see a place in the registration that asks for my name, why?

It’s part of the registration process.  If you click on under the area where it says: This field can be seen by: Everyone ….. you can click on change and restrict it as you want.      

What about harassment or threats?

We do not tolerate any harassment or threats.  We do warn people, but after a second offense they are blocked from the website.  We want this to be a safe space for everyone.

What does your website offer?

We offer a place for the LGBTI community from around the world a safe place where they can network and meet other LGBTI people.  Host events, share pictures, send messages, basically do everything that other social networking sites offer.

Is there a membership fee?

NO ….  we do not charge a membership fee to be a member OR to participate in any of it’s features.

Are non-lgbti people allowed to join?

As long as they have an open mind, yes.  Everyone is welcome to join.

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